Is an office any safer than a hazardous site?


Is working in an office environment and achieving the desired result any
different from working safely in a hazardous environment?

If you take that question in its broadest sense there can’t be a difference. Everything we do when we try to work safely can be reflected in the way we work in an office environment.

Working safely involves making no mistakes and ensuring everything we do is risk free. It doesn’t take much to take those same principles into the office where surely we try to make no mistakes and work in a risk free way.

Any differences that do exist can be identified when we try to understand what the mistakes might be, and therefore find a way to prevent them, and in identifying the risks in our particular part of the business and putting in place measures to reduce those risks.

When we discuss safety we consider the person and the dangers to that person; when we discuss the office we must consider the output of the office and the risks to the business.

If we agree they are the same then we should apply the same principles of working to both environments.

The whole discussion is about making NO mistakes at work!

Working safely and working effectively are the same thing but with different perspectives.

How many of us look at them differently? How many of us regard working in the office completely differently to working in a safety critical environment?

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