Interested in safety, or money?

What would your reaction be if I wrote that I was not really interested in reducing the number of people who are injured, or even those who have incidents that don’t result in anything other than embarrassment?  What would you say if I wrote that I am not interested in stopping the suffering and hurt and pain for the families of the workers?  What would you think if I wrote that I am only interested in ensuring that the organisation makes more money!

So let’s make more widgets, let’s sell more widgets, let’s cut back costs and increase revenues.  In fact, let’s find out what will create more returns on investments for all of the stakeholders.

I haven’t met anyone, CEO or FD, or anyone, who doesn’t want to make more money in their business; but is that the only motivator?  In reality, no!  Ideally the leaders would like to be in an organisation that makes money, but also that they enjoy, and one that motivates them.  So what will achieve that, and at the same time will apply to all the people who work in the organisation?  In simple terms people might be motivated by pay, time off, or not being sacked or made redundant.  Some of these are positive and some are less so.  Or the leaders can create an Leisure craft and Eddie Jordan's sunseeker in Pooleenvironment in which the people want to achieve, and, in many ways, motivate themselves.

So let’s go back to the earlier presumption that making more money one way or another is the prime consideration.  Can that be achieved by looking at the motivators?  Of course it can.  People might make more widgets or sell more widgets and as a result earn more money; and by the way they can have very other Friday afternoon off work!

The leaders could also make the organisation they work for, an organisation where the people have some input to the way things are done, to the way the objectives are achieved.  They could ask the people the best way to do a job, and then ask them to implement any improvements they identify.  The workers could get involved in designing the most efficient, most productive way to provide the service or to make the widgets, and they could also help make decisions about the organisation.  As a bonus there are two key beneficial bi-products of conducting business like this.  One, which is absolutely vital, is that customer satisfaction invariably improves.

The other, an even more important benefit, is a safer organisation where fewer people have fewer incidents.  As a result of that, fewer people get hurt, or worse, and of course the organisation makes more money, which for all of the stakeholders is good news.

So, the organisation makes more money and is safer!  Win – Win for everybody!

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