About SafeNett

Safenett is a professional consultancy firm based in Dorset, and has been working with clients around the world for over 17 years.

SafeNett works with people and organisations by addressing ‘why’ people do what they do, in the way they do.  This is not completely different to  ‘how’ people do what they do, but the approach is different.  By exploring ‘why’ people work the way they do people are more likely to be directly involved in identifying and confirming the best way of doing the job; that is the ‘how’.

The overall benefit to an organisation is improved performance, greater efficiency, better quality product or service and a safer workplace.  Each of those is independently important, but in a successful organisation, those benefits are also inextricably linked to each other.

Safenett has experience in a range of industries, and the approach that is used is not specific to any particular sector and can be applied to any organisation.

Organisations that Safenett has helped include both household names and small developing companies in waste management, aviation, the financial industry, oil and gas, shipping, armament manufacturing, train maintenance and food manufacturing.

When it would be beneficial for the client to have access to other consultancy services and additional expertise, SafeNett works with other like minded organisations.  When a combined team would achieve more than the sum of the parts others are invited to help, often during the assessment of the proposed project.  There are several consultancy companies that SafeNett will collaborate with depending on the nature and specialty of the project, and the client will always be notified as soon as it is considered to be appropriate.

How do we help?

SafeNett will listen to you to determine what can be done together to achieve your objectives.

SafeNett will plan the way ahead with you.

SafeNett will coach, train, and consult according to the plan that has been agreed in conjunction with you.

SafeNett will check the progress that has been achieved.