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Some thoughts about how to make you and your organisation safe(r):

  1. Safety is what we do and not a series of projects and initiatives. Be safe!health-safety
  2. Do positive things, think positive thoughts; don’t just use negative ideas. Add something that enhances safety. Don’t just do ‘Stop’, ‘Prevent’ etc.
  3. Don’t strive for zero injuries; strive for becoming a better place with better practices and a good environment. There are several reasons; one is that ‘zero’ could happen by accident, no pun intended, secondly ‘zero’ is a finite figure so once it’s achieved, what next, and thirdly it is a target, or might be seen as such. As stated before, we should be striving for a good place and good practices in a good environment.
  4. Everyone is involved in being safe, not just the leaders. And anyway see no. 8.
  5. Ensure that everyone is interested in being safe both at work and away from work. Get everyone to talk about safe practices and being safe, whether it is leaders or others. And anyway see no. 8.
  6. Do safe things, whether that means introducing something, or changing something or carrying on something. Practice being safe.
  7. If you are a leader, be safe and others will be inspired to be the same. And anyway see no. 8.
  8. When safety is concerned everyone is a leader.
  9. Commit to being safe.
  10. Trust everyone to be safe, and to perform safely. See number 7.

From an idea by Alan Quilley CRSP, Safety Results Ltd, Alberta, Canada

Looking to the future in 2016

The future in 2016 will be a new phase in SafeNett’s development.

SafeNett has commitments through the next couple of months and beyond for helping teams and individuals to attain even greater excellence than they have already achieved.  If you need any help with employee engagement, coaching or facilitation in your organisation, then contact

In 2015 SafeNett trained people from a range of industries.  Most, but not all, have been from the maritime world, and locations in the UK have included Poole, Newcastle, Chester and Lowestoft.  In 2016 we hope to help more people in more places with more events.